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Seattle, WA

Jon Everist is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, Washington.


Music for Visual Media

Good soundtracks aren’t always good indicators of good games, but it’s happily the case with Shadowrun: Hong Kong. The artistry of composer Jon Everist’s work reveals itself in the opening titles, and maintains an atmosphere of subdued mystery through character creation and beyond - spilling over into the first conversations and battles effortlessly and memorably.

Featured projects

Jon Everist’s score for [Necropolis] is damn incredible, providing several haunting, orchestral yet minimalistic themes that perfectly fit the mood without ever overshadowing things, suitable for swordfights or just casual exploring. It’s no wonder that the soundtrack acted as a pre-order bonus, because it does definitely seem like a terrific incentive with tunes such as this.
— Hardcore Gamer