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Seattle, WA

Jon Everist is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, Washington.


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Warning: sappy self-indulgent 2016 review incoming...

Jon Everist

Warning: sappy self-indulgent 2016 review incoming...

2016 was a crazy fact, I'd call it quite awful for a few dozen reasons. But on a personal and professional level, 2016 was one of the best years of my life. I scored my first game with a large publisher (Bandai Namco) on Xbox One and PS4, I was named Composer of the Year by OSV, was nominated for Best Score by VGM, I recorded my first large scale commercial project with a 66 piece orchestra in Germany, I have a soundtrack being pressed to vinyl with worldwide distribution - named on Game Informer's "Best Of" list alongside some of my heroes, I did an interview with NDR along with Gary Schyman and Jessica Curry, I'm building a home with the love of my life, I wrote a concert piece and recorded it with some of the best session musicians on Earth who have worked on some of my favorite films at the legendary Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brother's studios in LA, I'm headed to Budapest later this month to record the rest of my score for BattleTech with 66 piece orchestra and solo cello along with my orchestrator/producer/Yoda Stan LePard who worked on every Bungie release since Halo 2, I GET TO MAKE MUSIC FOR F@$KING BATTLETECH which by some bizarre cosmic poetry is part of the same franchise that introduced me to PC games when I was a kid, my studio continues to grow, I continue to learn something new everyday, I'm always inspired, I'm rarely bored, I'm more confident musically than ever, I understand that the life of a composer is a journey with no destination, the more I learn about music the more I learn to bend the rules, I continue to be amazed by my peers and always strive to learn from them, I'm slowly dipping my toes into the world of film and television, and I'm starting this new year with immense gratitude for the people in my life who believed in me and have been there with me from the beginning of this crazy journey. I would be nowhere without the confidence and support of everyone at Harebrained Schemes. I am truly moved by every album sale and every note I receive from fans around the world. It's hard to fathom at times. I remember when I first listed the CD version of Shadowrun: Hong Kong, I thought I'd only sell a few copies to people locally. A few days later I was sitting and signing and packaging hundreds of CD's to people all over the world from Australia to Vancouver, over 50 different countries in total.

These "accomplishments" are all things that I couldn't have imagined happening. I am overwhelmingly lucky. I often reflect on my favorite year of life thus far (2014) which was when I met my lady and got my first large gig. I find it important to remember that during that year I was completely broke and had no work coming in until rather late in the year. My professional life was fairly uncertain, but I felt at peace. No matter what happened, I was content. I was inspired and working hard every day, and I felt free. I learned that beyond the essentials of food/clothes/medicine, I didn't need much. I wasn't striving for success, I had no aspirations to be something great. I just wanted to be...and that's when things started to unfold. It helps to give me perspective, regardless of all the great things happening professionally, it's all really just icing on the cake.

2017 is set to be much bigger than 2016, and I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Give those people who love and inspire you a squeeze. Let's be kind and empathetic to each other and do good for people who may need a hand. Here's to 2017.