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Seattle, WA

Jon Everist is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, Washington.


This is where I talk about things and junk Radio-doc on Interactive Media (with Jessica Curry and others)

Jon Everist

Very honored to be included in this fantastic hour long Deutschlandfunk/NDR (the largest radio station in Germany) documentary on recording and producing music for interactive media.  

They sat in on my most recent orchestral recording session near Berlin for #BattleTech, which if you listen closely you'll get to hear a few snippets from!

I was utterly floored to learn I'd be interviewed alongside such fantastic talents as Jessica Curry (Everybody's Gone to The Rapture) and Gary Schymann (Bioshock). It was a really cool experience for me, and one I won't soon forget.

Spoiler alert: if you don't speak German, this may be a difficult listen, but at least you'll hear a bit of the score and my voice being interpreted and overdubbed by a German voice actor. (which is awesome)

Big thanks to my friends at Dynamedion for organizing and helping me plan these large orchestral sessions, and to the amazing Brandenburg State Orchestra and their fantastic players.,sendung575600.html

PS: To celebrate this, use code "NDR" to get 40% off my entire catalogue on BandCamp!