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Seattle, WA

Jon Everist is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, Washington.


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BattleTech Composer Jon Everist Takes Aim at a Mech’s Meaty Core

Jon Everist


BattleTech Composer Jon Everist Takes Aim at a Mech’s Meaty Core

The BattleTech Revival: How Composer Jon Everist focuses on the ‘meat' when writing music for BattleTech.

Jon Everist uses a blend of live orchestra, analog synths and digital sampling to focus on the cinematic and emotional core of BattleTech, which has its backer beta release today. Everist recorded the score with full orchestra and choir in Europe, and augmented these recordings with analogue and modular synths back in his home studio in Seattle.  Jon's goal was always to focus on the human elements of the complex BattleTech world, and to support the rich tapestry of interstellar politics, personal conflict and internal struggles that make it such a compelling setting. You might think that the cold stompiness of mechs in combat would result in an equally cold or bombastic score, but Jon is more interested in the fragile, imperfect sacks of meat we call Mech Warriors, and how the game is designed to make players grow fond of them.  Building off of his critically acclaimed approach to writing music for Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Dragonfall, evocative themes and a character centric approach rule the day.  The stompy mech combat music is just icing on the cake.

Behind the Music []

Jon Everist is producing a series of “Battletech: Behind the Music” video documentaries on the process and intricacies of recording music for BattleTech.  Vinyl versions of his scores for the BattleTech as well as his Shadowrun series (Dragonfall and Hong Kong) are being released by Black Screen Records.  His score for Necropolis (Bandai Namco) is already available by iam8bit.


Jon Everist is a Seattle based composer for video games currently scoring BattleTech; one of the most successful video game Kickstarters in history by Harebrained Schemes. Jon started producing music at a young age, influenced by an eclectic mix of artists like Aphex Twin, MF Doom, Ólafur Arnalds and Radiohead. After producing and touring as a member of Seattle-based hip hop group Rudy and The Rhetoric,  Jon pivoted to pursue a degree in music and began his journey as a composer for video games full time. Jon cites hearing Amon Tobin’s score to Chaos Theory as his “moment of clarity”.  His electronic background coalesced with his newfound obsession with the classical orchestra, which is reflected in his compositional style as he borrows influences from the different stages in his musical career.

BATTLETECH: Behind the Music #3 is up! 

Jon Everist

BATTLETECH Behind the Music #3 is up!  

In this no-commentary video I show behind the scenes footage of the process of recording with soloists (particularly the amazingly talented cellist, Erika Kadi) and how these recordings can be reused to create two tracks with different intensity levels using samples and synths.  

The next video will go over recordings with full orchestra, using prelays/overlays, and implementing music via Wwise. I'll have two cameras and a mic next time so I can provide commentary as to what exactly you're seeing on screen, and go over my process as it happens.